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news20130408bThe Annual Raccoon Creek State Park Cub Scout/Boy Scout Family Campout will be on May 3rd through 5th. The cost for the entire weekend is $25 per person. If you are only coming Saturday, the cost is $15 per person. Permission slips and payment are due no later than April 23rd. If possible please let Mr. Gilson know if you are going by April 16th.

Here is the weekend’s schedule of events:


7PM – Snack and Entertainment
After our snack, the No Name Patrol will start the weekend off with a night of entertainment! Acts will include “Rian and His Dancin Cats”, “Dueling Ukuleles”, A Saxophone Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne and the “J, J & A Poetry Trio”.


8am – Breakfast
Cereal, coffee and “something white and lumpy poured over toast”.

8:45am – Swamp Hike
Mr. Bohonek will be leading this short 12 mile hike though the Raccoon marshes. Scouts will also have the option to work on “Poison Ivy Horticulture Merit Badge” during this activity.

10:30am – Wok and Roll
Learn how to make a backpacking cooking wok out of a Captain Crunch cereal box while listening to classic rock music performed by the “Panda Patrol Kazoo Kuartet”.

12PM – Lunch (prepared by SPL and ASPL)
Classic french dishes including: Vichyssoise, Coq au vin, Boudin blanc, Spring Greens and Tarte Tatin (PB&J will also be available for those with Frech food allergies)

1PM – Shakespeare In the Park
This year’s classic afternoon event will be “Crowley and Company’s” rendition of The Taming of the Shrew

3PM – Advanced BASE Jumping (beginner course certification required)
Meet at the top of the very large rock behind the mess hall.

3:05PM – Advanced First Aid and Lifesaving
Just below the the very large rock behind the mess hall.

4PM – Service Project
Rt 18 Roadkill Clean Up

5PM- Dual Patrol Survival
Phoenix and Eagle Patrol Leaders will demonstrate rappelling techniques using dental floss and shoe laces.

6PM – Dinner
Tonight’s dinner theme will correspond with our service project. Dishes might include: Chunk of Skunk, Rack of Raccoon, Thumper-on-the-bumper, Deerly Departed Steaks and Road Toad Ala Mode for desert.


Wake up, eat, clean, go home.